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NADIA NAIR – Cleopatra / Dear Brother
Directed by: Natalie Lennartsson

Last year, I had the opportunity to work on the music video for Dear Brother by Nadia Nair, directed by incredibly talented Natalie Lennartsson. The video is a split, consisting of two songs, Cleopatra, and Dear Brother, both of them featured on Nadia’s debut album Beautiful Poetry. My contribution, camera operation, start 1:45 into the video, once the detailed studio shots get swapped for vast desert landscapes.

We went to the Tabernas desert in Spain, Desierto de Taberna, to shoot sandy psychedelia in an intriguing environment. We also shot additional scenes in other surrounding areas in the region.

The video was very simple from a technical point of view. I shot using a Canon 5D Mark III (with Cinestyle installed), alternating between a tripod with a fluid Manfrotto head, and a shoulder rig.

The lenses used were Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II, Canon 24-105 4L IS, and Canon 50 1.8. Natalie did additional camera work on, I believe, a Canon 600D with a 35 mm prime lens, handheld. Large parts of the video was shot in 50 fps and with the music doubled in speed in order to get the “slow motion while the music keeps on playing” effect, as well as in order to get a dreamy feel throughout.

One of my concerns was during the first day of shooting. As we were filming in the desert during the summer, and also climbed down into very hot valleys during the middle of the day, the cameras quickly built up a lot of heat. I was worried they would overheat and crash. Luckily, we managed to avoid any issues and made it through the day. As there was a lot of sunlight and I did not use any ND (although I had a polarizing filter on the 70-200) I was able to shoot with very small apertures and get great clarity while we were out during the middle of the day.

The video was edited by Natalie, with input from Nadia.

Nadia Nair
Natalie Lennartsson
Ben V Hansen

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