Posted by on 28 April 2016

Really have no idea how I stumbled upon the work by Adi Putra, but I have now been following – and been inspired by – his work for a while.

I suspect I got exposed to his work through Instagram (healingnoise), as he has worked with some famous profiles like Moby and Perfect Pussy.

His work is deeply saturated with grainy personality and full of flares and optical defects. A main setting in his photography is the desert, which is also my own main source of inspiration and instantly draws me towards the pictures, altough we tend to shoot it in different ways.

Photo: Adi Putra

Photo: Adi Putra

The pictures are often anonymised and laden with unspoken mysticism and homages to 60’s psychedelia as well as isolated characters in large spaces. There is an interesting mixture of sun, goth, fashion and degraded film which I find both very unique and extremely appealing.

//ben v hansen