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Premiered 20th of April 2016 on
Welfare Sounds & Records

Me and Marcus Berggren along with the band Terra set out to make a very obviously DIY and indie video. Inspiration for the look was primarily taken from 90’s alternative rock videos, like Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr. as well as an old Swedish tv show called “Mosquito”, which heavily relied on using a very obvious chroma key throughout.

As the English translation of the title is “the black box” the first thing that sprung to mind was to make an erratic vacation video. That concept would have seen two anonymised hands finding the black box at the site of a plane crash, and upon opening it discovering an unexpected vacation video from the passengers’ trip. We did not follow through with that idea and went for a more random and less conceptual video, but parts of the vacation theme still shows, like the desert car rides and the drinks.

The video was shot on Canon 5D Mark III and on a small camcorder from the Canon Legria line, which gave us the rough and bland (but fantastic) “classic DV” look that we were reaching for. The video was shot on location in Gothenburg, except for the desert clips, which were shot in south western USA.

The look comes from lots of layered clips with various blending modes, and a channel blur placed on top of it all right before the export, to really degrade the quality and push the look into “bad VHS”-territory.

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